Reunion Precepts


We are all Spiritual Beings.

All life is inter-connected.

Love is our natural state and the unifying field of all creation.

We respect all Beings and honor all Paths.

Relationships bring us into conscious awareness of our blocks to love.

Forgiveness, freedom from judgment and fear, brings healing and love.

As we listen within, we will serve the Highest Good for All.

We are all here to learn and teach what we are learning.

Creating what is good, beautiful and whole is our true vocation.



Where there is Forgiveness, there is Love.

Where there is Love, there is Respect.

Where there is Respect, there is Responsibility.

Where there is Responsibility, there is Trust.

Where there is Trust, there is Cooperation.

Where there is Cooperation, there is Peace.

Where there is Peace, there is Healing.

Where there is Healing, there is Freedom.

Where there is Freedom, there is Joy.

Where there is Joy, there is Light.

Where there is Light, there is Vision.

Where there is Vision, there is Good for All.


We are called to:

Love Unconditionally.

Serve from the heart.

Remember God.