Year 2013—The Lovers


2011 was the year of the Emperor, discovering your personal form of leadership and putting visions into action.

2012 was the year of the Hierophant, resolving family issues and breaking old family patterns and conditioning.

2013 is the year of the Lovers. This is a year to reassess relationships. It is a choice-making year, a year of decisions and choices regarding support systems (people, institutions, possessions, etc.). There is a strong desire and motivation to support only equality in all of your relationships.

During this year, you will be faced with opportunities to become aware of relationship patterns. Rather than letting these awarenesses shut you down further, recognize that the gift of 2013 is the energy and support to change these patterns. Remember that you cannot change an old pattern without first becoming aware of what it is and its impact in your life. Celebrate these awarenesses and use this energy to re-create your life and your world. You must consciously model in your life the type of relationships you desire (i.e. teach your world how to relate to you by how you relate to it and to yourself). You can also use the energy of this year to perfect your abilities to work with others.

The key: Balance your willingness and ability to give and receive and develop greater sincerity and honesty in all of your relationships.

I love all unconditionally.

Through giving total freedom and trust, I release all apparent polarities and stuckness

opening to the perfect experience of love in every relationship.

I choose to be free from inhibitions, guilt and bondages in all my relationships.

2013 is also a year focused on Loyalty—True loyalty comes from moving out of defensive patterns of dependent relationship with the world and into more self-honoring patterns. Know your true relationship with the Divine and recognize the strength, guidance and abundance which are yours in that relationship. You can use the energy of this year to transform any dependence or victimization into being at cause in life. You must see yourself as a truly good person, becoming more objective, impartial and dispassionate, knowing you are valuable for who you are and not how well you follow the rules. This opens you to an inner peace and a recognition that what is important in life is harmonious relationships between yourself and others and within yourself. You can then be obedient to the higher values of peace, harmony and love, instead of outer, imposed rules and regulations.

I follow my inner voice.

I am faithful and loyal to the direction of Spirit within me, knowing that value lies in highest truth, not outer form.

The primary support tools available in 2013 are:

    The Hermit—When you begin to experience poor relationships and trouble with others, you must come to know your true Self through introspection, following convictions instead of conventions, and expressing honesty and integrity.

I know truth in mastery.

I experience mastery of my inner and outer worlds through affirmation of personal conviction

and honoring the truth of who I am in all circumstances.

I patiently follow the guidance of my higher Self on the path to enlightenment.

    The Communicator—This is creating from thoughts, knowing and communicating what you know, opening to new avenues of communication, developing intuition and focus, and maintaining high ideals.

My ideas inspire all.

My powerful mind and inventive imagination expand myself and my world as they are shared.

    The Third Eye—This represents focused attention, intuition and justice. You must keep your commitments to yourself and be focused with one-pointed concentration on whatever you do. Recognize and develop in yourself the power of your word, the ability to live up to or create precisely what you speak.

My focus is my power.

I experience the manifested power of my every thought and word

as my natural focus creates a concentration of Spirit-filled energy.