Reunion Living Ministry


Spiritual Training Program


Personal Transformation and Professional Development



A Forum For Global Holistic Spirituality

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This experiential training program is designed for those who seek to focus, facilitate and formalize their spiritual development, life purpose and calling. 


The participant will be encouraged to:

     Remember their Authentic Self

     Awaken to Spirit within

     Balance mind, body and Spirit

     Actualize their inner potential

     Live their Spiritual Vision.


Our goal is spiritual awakening and inner peace. Our direction is freedom though self-expression, spiritual guidance, and continued undoing of limiting belief structures. This will be accomplished through the process of:


Discovery of who you think you are and Who You really Are.



Telling the truth about your ego self and your True Self.



Forgiveness and releasing the past.



Declaration of your heart's desires.



Recognizing and receiving what is given.



Expressing and experiencing Self-worth.



Listening to and following Spirit Within.


Program Components




I   Awaken Your Authentic Self

One year independent study. Options are (choose one):

   Nine Month weekly class/group at Pleasant Hill Center for Conscious Living

   Loving Reminders (from Betty Lue) with weekly question and self exploration (journaling)

   One year A Course in Miracles study and practice (daily)

   One year Self-awareness group (weekly, with journal)

   One year spiritual study group (weekly, with journal)

   Awaken and Relationships coaching class weekly with Betty Lue

   Create your own alternative one year program.


II  Facilitation Weekend Workshops (6)

   Whole Life Integration and Balance

   Spiritual Counseling and Coaching

   Conscious Healing and Prayer

   Effective Leadership and Organization

   Inspired Teaching: Sacred Ceremonies and Presentation

        Stewardship, Service and Success (True Prosperity)



III  Vision Quest

Vision Quest experience, either with Reunion Ministries or a facilitator of your own choosing. (Two day minimum.)


IV Internship

Six months of volunteer work: 100 or more hours with supervision and journaling. Upon completion, a 3-5 page paper: “What It Means To Serve Others”.


V  Coaching

Eight 30 minute sessions with Director (phone or in person). Additional Counseling and Spiritual direction is available by appointment for $75/hour in person or by phone.


VI   Ordination

Ordination as a minister of Reunion Church will be offered to those individuals completing the entire program and all agreements.  A written statement of the student’s purpose, principles and commitment must be submitted 60 days prior to ordination date requested. (Audio tape is acceptable.) Each candidate must present their paper before their peers to request approval and support for their ordination.

Ordination will be offered in a formal ceremony created by the individual student.



Reunion Ministries


Reunion offers a space of freedom and trust in which to:

1.  Reunite with your True Self.

2.  Actualize your full potential.

3.  Balance your relationship with all life.

4.  Live the vision of cooperation and co-creation of Heaven on Earth.


Remember Love and Return To Wholeness.


Reunion Precepts

We are all Spiritual Beings.

All life is inter-connected.

Love is our natural state and the unifying force of all creation.

To create what is good, beautiful and whole is our call.

Forgiveness, freedom from judgment and fear, brings healing and love.

Relationships bring us into conscious awareness of our blocks to love and our healing needs.

We are here to learn and teach what we are learning.

We respect all Beings and honor all Paths.

We listen within and serve the Highest Good for All.


Application Process




1.  Request a phone interview with the Director to ascertain the value of this program for you.

2.  Complete and submit the written application.

3.  Admission is open throughout the year.

4.  Independent study may begin prior to being accepted into the program.

5.  Ordination (if desired) will be no sooner than one year after entering the program.

6.    Most students complete within three years.






Because all programs are individualized, the fees are negotiable.

Usual fees are $2000 prepaid or $100/mo for 24 months.

You may negotiate what is fair and divinely guided. Let Spirit lead the way.




Please write your responses to the following questions and mail, fax (925-943-5283) or email ( to Reunion Ministries.

1.           Name, Address, City, State, Zip

2.           Home Phone, Work Phone, Cell Phone, E-mail address

3.           Current financial status.

4.           Current health status.

5.           Current relationship responsibilities.

6.           Current work (including address and phone).

7.           Two character references.

8.           Submit two letters of recommendation from your spiritual mentors or guides.

9.           Include a current resumé listing education, jobs, work experiences and any other relevant training, workshops or volunteer experience.


(Please type a minimum of one paragraph on each question. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Please answer with your Spirit-filled heart.)

Š        What does entering the Ministry program mean to you?

Š        What are the goals you would achieve?

Š        What outcome do you envision for yourself upon completion of this Living Ministry Program?

Š        What assistance do you want in order to optimize your learning experience?

Š        What do you believe is needed on our planet at this time?

                       in your community?

                       in your family (household)?

                       in yourself?

Š        What obstacles or limiting beliefs do you need to clear for these needs to be met?


Please complete the following agreement and submit it with your application.

q    I plan on attending for ____ years.

q    I will pre-pay $2,000 for the program (or agreed upon amount ________).

q    I will make payments of $100 month for 24 months (or agreed upon amount ________).

q    I understand that I may continue in the program on an on-going basis by contributing $100/month after year one (for pre-paid students) or after the end of my agreed upon payment period.

q    I agree to pay any charges associated with late or missed payments


Signed: ____________________________  Date _______