Betty Lue Lieber Ph.D., MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist



Whole Life Coach

Interfaith Minister

Feng Shui Consultant

T’ai Chi Chih Teacher

Motivational Speaker & Author



140 Mayhew Way, Suite 1000

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

(800) 919-2392


Effective Coaching

  Discover what you really want.

  Explore possibilities.

  Clear self-sabotage.

  Implement success strategies.





Strategic Choices










Co-Creative Process

Dreams & Desires

“What do you really want?”

Values & Motivation

“Why do you want it?”

Mission & Vision

“What will it look like?”

Self-Sabotage & Fears

“What has stopped you?”

Commitment & Intention

“What are you willing to do?”

Priorities & Tasks

“What steps to take?”

Support & Inspiration

“Who can help you?”

Assessment & Progress

“How are you doing?”

Celebration & Gratitude

“What have you accomplished?”


Current Focus

• Confidence & Empowerment

• Relationships & Communication

• Health & Peak Performance

• Life Purpose & Career Direction

• Money & Time Management

• Organization & Environment

• Creativity & Balanced Living

• Fulfillment & Inner Peace



Flexible Options

> Consultations in Office,

   Your Home or by Phone

> Flexible Hours

> Negotiable Fees

> Insurance Coverage


Shared Success






“Betty Lue is the person who is the most honest with me. The truth is always given with love and respect.” AR


“She helped me change my thinking, my outlook, my goals and the way I choose to live my life and enjoy it.” PLK


“Betty Lue is my mentor. She taught me how to go inside and encouraged me to use the God-given gifts which have always been with me. CCG


“My association with Dr. Lieber has opened my eyes to so many positive things. My whole new perspective each day is a result of her teachings.” PK


“She is the transformative factor in my life. She is always with me, because she is the one who reminded me who I am.” VJ


“Betty Lue is my teacher, the one who taught me “love” and how to make it sustain me throughout all trials and tribulations.” TG



Betty Lue Lieber Ph.D., MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Whole Life Coach

Individual & Relationship Counselor

Life Purpose Consultant

Integrative Health Educator

Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Group Facilitator

Ordained Interfaith Minister

Director of Reunion Ministries

Author:   Relationship Reminders

               Peaceful Reminders

               Loving Reminders

               Women’s Guide to Health

               Our Gift of Love


               The Light Within

               Pocketbook of Affirmations


     Doctorate in Theocentric Psychology

     Masters Clinical & School Psychology

     Bachelors Developmental Psychology

Voice Mail-Pager (800) 919-2392