Life Purpose Readings

"Truth for Insightful Transformation"



Life Purpose Readings

Divinely inspired, channeled material using a synthesis of ancient symbolic and intuitive arts

with vital information regarding your part in our rapidly changing reality.


Learn about:

What you have come into this life to teach and learn.

• Your Soul's ultimate purpose.

The gifts you bring and which are here for you.

Where you are in your personal program Now.

• Universal energies at work now, affecting you and everyone.

Your relationship to the world—physical, mental, emotional, creative.

How your 10 Spiritual Bodies serve you.

Past soul connections and current lifetime challenges with significant people in your life.

• How to stay on purpose (or get back on when you're off).

• Personal and interpersonal integration.

Balancing your life for highest Spiritual expression.

• Coming to fully live your magnificence and actualize your potential.


"The journey to God is merely the re-awakening of the knowledge of where you are always and what you are forever."

(A Course In Miracles, Text p. 139)



• A 60-90 minute personal recorded (CD) reading.

• Personalized affirmations for your current learning cycles.


Information Needed:   

Email your full birth name and birth date to



We are suggesting a donation of $149. It is important that no one desiring these services be prohibited by cost.

The donation you give must strengthen you personally to be truly supportive of our work. We trust in donations of the heart.


Personal Workbook Available

The Soul's Awakening

Through Symbology and Spiritual Numerology

This personal workbook is designed to allow you the greatest possible freedom to discover you own highest truth.

From your own personal experiences and deep inner knowing, you will bring to this work precisely the meaning which will have the greatest significance to you as you travel along your path.

Step by step guidance in filling out your own personal worksheet which represents your road map on your journey through this workbook.

This work is designed to be free from external interpretation and focuses on the possibilities and potential within each of us.

170 pages $12 plus tax & shipping.

Available from Reunion Ministries or Amazon.



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Ph.D. in Holistic Health

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Ordained Interfaith Minister

Post-graduate degrees in Education,

Business & Finance, Naturopathy,

Holistic Health


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