Sunday, September 28, 2003

Autumn Changes 

Autumn is a time of paradox and seeming duality for most people.  There is the mix of emotions- sorrow and appreciation.  There is letting go and gathering in.  There is the warmth of the hearth and the chill in the air.  There is the harvesting of this year’s abundance and conserving for winter scarcity.  Whether in the cycles and seasons of nature or the spiritual recognition of how life flows, we all can feel this is a significant time to learn to let go and love, trust and be free, enjoy and release.

How your being responds depends on your habits of mind, your forgiveness of past incompletion, your relationship with what is Source in your life.  As you release the people, projects and memories to hospice the dying of what is passing away, there is opportunity to savor what has been, to truly digest the value of the many gifts of life.  We all need to fully receive what has been given in order to let go without regret.  Take time to really appreciate the seasons in your life, the relationships which have so richly blessed you and the experiences which have filled you with wisdom and love.  Spend your days warming yourself with tea, a fire in your fireplace or a warm shower or bath when there is chill in the air.  Be kind and gentle, compassionate and understanding, with yourself during times of transition and change.  

Life is moving us all to the next level of consciousness, connection and communication with All That Is.  Resisting, fearing or allowing the changes in our lives to hurt us, shut us down or make decisions to stop living, loving, fully giving and expressing ourselves is like killing a rich part of who we are.  There is no need to stop, growing, risking, creating and enjoying just because there are times of letting go.  Trust in the way of nature.  Watch the trees , the birds and the bees.  Conserve in times of scarcity.  Extend and give in times of plenty.  Enjoy it all, for it is all Good.

Blessing you and me and All,
Betty Lue