Sunday, September 21, 2003

Contribution Is Healing 

Giving tribute heals our Spirits, as well as our minds and our bodies. The human Spirit is here to give. “Life is for giving and You are the Gift.” Betty Lue

We are each one of us here to give to ourselves, to others, to our world and to the Force that Created us. We are here to contribute our very Best. We are here to give and to keep on giving. For all that flows through us is an affirmation of Us. What we give, we receive as we give it. When we are giving, we experience the abundant and limitless flow of all that is needed. When we give, we tap into the wellspring of the Good, the Beautiful and the Holy. When we give, we recognize we are giving to ourselves. When we give, we can see our worth and value our lives. When we give, we enjoy a better world, better relationships,a better inner perspective and world view. When we give, we have life purpose and meaning. When we give, we feel inter-connected.
Giving works. Giving heals.

As we accumulate rather than flow what we have, our energy becomes distracted by protection of what we have gained and earned and covet still. When we freely give All, we have All that is good and holy, we experience the prosperity of having more to give. Contribution flows our energy. Contribution focuses on what we choose to expand in our life. Contribution gives us a reason for being. Contribution does honor to us and serves the greater Good. Contribution heals our Spirit and gives us Joy.

Contribution heals our minds and gives us focus.
Contribution heals our bodies and gives us Love.

In loving contribution to All That Is,
Betty Lue