Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Giving is Healing 

When we are not feeling happy, healthy and prosperous, our tendency is to try to get happy, get healthy and get money.  In our efforts to “get”, we are  focused on what we appear to need and thus affirm our lack.  While it seems paradoxical to the ego, it is imperative that we “give” in order to affirm what we have and strengthen it within ourselves.  In order to get the flow of our inner pump flowing to receive from the infinite and abundant source, we must prime the pump by giving.

No matter what our condition, we can give.  Give a smile, a prayer, a note of gratitude.  Share your meal with someone or the  even the birds while picnicking.  Share your gratitude and praise aloud with nature.  Give away anything you no longer need or wear or use.  Take magazines or books to a community center or nursing home.   Teach someone how to do what you do well, cooking, reading, drawing, singing, playing a game or a card trick.  Whatever you do, give.  

Stop telling the story of how you don’t have anything to give.  
Stop dwelling on how miserable or lacking or limited you are.  
Stop focusing on how you are going to get what you need.  
Open up your giving, loving, helpful self and watch what happens both inside and outside when you share what you have.
What you have increases and what you can share expands.  

When we are all giving freely, there will be no lack.  
This world was created abundant.  
It is only our false perceptions, attitude and behavior that have generated the apparent lack.
Heal yourself and your world by giving.

Loving you, as I give the gift of my Self,
Betty Lue

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