Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Healing Is Envisioning a New Way of Being 

When we get stuck  we start to lose life energy and die.   When a job, community or relationship is disempowering, destructive or discouraging, we may lose our will to live, to create, to learn, to contribute.  When the light goes out, we exist in darkness.  When Spirit seems absent, we run low on inspiration.  Our world is interactive and its health depends on all of us.  

When you are sitting in a self made prision  or peurgatory and choosing to decay for lack of use and value,  you are adding to the depression and lack of hope.  When you are choose to take the risk to release yourself, to move forward into an inspired and uplifting future you are giving hope, encouragement and healing to yourself and to your world.  When you seek for comfort rather than challenge, you are inviting entropy and the lose of interest to learn and grow.  When you ask others to define you, rather than refining your higher self and inherent gifts, you are encouraging the worldly limitations and comparative beliefs.

Look at your life.
Are you hopeful?
Do you seek to learn everyday?  
Are you inviting change rather than defending against new possibilities?  
Are you stuck in the past?
Are you creating new opportunities?  
Are you welcoming new relationships?  
Are you becoming more of what you want your future to be, rather than hiding away from what you fear the future might be?
Are you part of the solution or have you gotten lost in apathy about the problems?
Are you stressing or inspired by life’s invitation to heal and transform your way of thinking, your lifestyle and your relationships?
Are you willing to simplify?
Are you willing to forgive and let go the past?
Are you enjoying each day fully?
Are you sharing your joy freely?
Are you inspired and inspiring?

Miracle happen when we share our hope, our faith and our love.  May miracle of healing happen today for you.
Loving you,  Betty Lue