Monday, September 01, 2003

Here to Heal 

What is in need to be healed in you and me and the world we see?

We need to heal what is not whole within us.
We need to heal our thoughts, our words and our activities.  
Wherever we are not thinking with the mind of God, we need to heal our thinking.  
Wherever we are thinking unholy thoughts, our minds need to be healed.  
Wherever we are thinking of disease and disaster, our thoughts are not whole.  
Wherever we are not perceiving wholeness, we need to heal our perception.  
To see the Truth beneath the surface error is our healing.

Wherever our words are not patient, kind, honest, and joyful. we need healing.  
Wherever our words teach others to be impatient, upset, unkind or dishonest, we need to heal and transform our speech.
We are here to heal how we speak to others, to ourselves and to our Source.

Wherever our actions are not for the Highest Good, we need healing.  
Wherever we are selfish, negative, giving less than our best, or trying to manipulate or control others, we need healing.   
When our deeds are not a model for others, we need to forgive our choices and choose again.  
We are here to teach by our example that we might all live in a world which lives in Love and Joy and Peace.

Wherever I am not thinking, seeing, speaking and acting in ways which are loving and Good for All, I need healing.  
This I affirm and choose for myself and my world.

Loving you,  Betty Lue