Sunday, September 07, 2003

Inner Listening Is Healing 

Taking time to listen to the Voice within you provides the Love, encouragement and Peace needed to calm the turmoil and stress of the outer world.  Learning how to quiet the surface mind and receive the messages of the Spiritual Mind can heal whatever needs may be present.

There are some requirements for getting in touch with your own inner Voice, the voice of Spirit within you.  This is not channeling or receiving messages from the other side, but rather a deeper listening to the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit, that guides and directs us in our everyday life.

To develop this listening within requires willingness and commitment.   Set aside time  daily for inner listening.  The more you  develop the habit of getting quiet and making room in your own activities and thinking, the more your ego will suspend interference.  Be  appreciative and loving of yourself when you listen, knowing that Divine Good is your birthright, and no judgment you may have held of yourself will interfere.  Know you are loved always.  Be willing to write down what you hear or feel or see within, so that you can remember what is given.  Often the ego will erase immediately the inspiration that comes to you.  You may doubt, fear, misinterpret, or just get busy and discard what is precious and of everlasting value.  Be patient with the process. After years of listening to outside voices, it may require a little practice to pay attention to that singular still small Voice within that is always loving, always knowing, always healing You.

Take time to tune in to the spiritual station of unconditional Love within. Listening within is healing.

Loving You,  Betty Lue
Contact me if you would like more help listening within.