Saturday, September 20, 2003

Integration of Heart and Mind 

To heal the heart and mind is to marry them with respect and love. Are able to listen to your mind and your heart? Are you willing to accept the power of both? Can you see the value of each in the co-creation of your whole life experience? If you follow your mind and you feel nothing of joy, you are not whole. If you follow your heart, but are confused and absent to the experience, you are left empty.

To create your experience of wholeness, goodness and beauty requires the union of mind and heart. The work of the mind is to intend and attend. The work of the heart is to forgive and extend love.

To heal is to create an intention of wholeness, an inner picture of your whole and Holy Self. When we have given ourselves a clear vision or inner experience, we must attend or pay attention to that experience. To fully experience healing and wholeness, we must focus on wholeness, seeing nothing else. Where we intend, we begin to create. Where we attend, we place our energy. This is the healing work of the mind. Practice strengthens our ability to clarify our intention and hold the vision with our attention.

To heal is to forgive all errors in the mind and to love our whole and Holy Self with all our heart and all our mind. Forgiveness is the key to healing, happiness and wholeness. Without the willingness to let go of everything except that which we choose to have and be, we will limit our intention. To forgive is to erase with love. To forgive is to gently lay aside what no longer serves. To forgive is to release that which is weakening, distracting or limiting to our being. To forgive is to see only that which we seek to experience. To release all that no longer exists and be here now with our full intention for healing and total attention on wholeness is to allow the heart to heal. The heart is free to love. The heart is free to trust in the healing intention. The heart opens to freedom and trust. The heart energizes and inspires the healing.

Come to healing with your intention and attention.
Come to healing with forgiveness and love.
Come to healing with your willingness to remember your intrinsic Holiness.
Come to healing with your gratitude that you are whole.

Blessing us all,
Betty Lue