Saturday, September 06, 2003

Intimacy Is Healing 

When we allow ourselves to be seen and known and loved, we are healed.  It may be rare for an individual to feel safe enough to reveal their deepest thoughts and feeling.  It may be unusual to disclose all secret desires and fears.  It may be  only in special circumstances that we share our mistakes and “sins” as well as our achievements and our special gifts.  

Whenever we find that special place or person in which to be totally seen, we are opening to true intimacy, “in-to-me-see”.  The physical intimacy we often seek is the beginning of allowing ourselves to seen and known by another.  The act of physically removing ones clothing to reveal the body is only the first step to truly being “known”.  

Healing comes from being known and loved.  
Healing comes from feeling safe with all our thoughts and feelings.  
Healing comes from opening ourselves to be loved unconditionally.  
Healing comes from being at peace with the fullness of our being.  
Healing comes from exposing our weakness and our failings.  
Healing comes from being at peace with who we are.  
Healing comes from knowing that we are loved no matter what.    

Healing is what we seek in true intimacy.  Whether having a cup of tea with our grandma, lying in bed with our partner, talking to God while taking a walk in the woods or writing in our journal and receiving the comfort of our own compassion, healing can come when we are truly seen, known and loved.  

Find someone with whom you feel safe to reveal your whole self and you will be healed.
Betty Lue