Monday, September 29, 2003

Love Makes Every One Happy 

Happiness heals. When the heart is filled with joy, everyone is healthier.
Children who are loved are loving. Adults who are loving are loved.
Oh! If we all could give up our fearful habits of withholding love and
waiting to be loved. Withholding Love shuts us down. Withholding Love
limits our joy, our freedom, our trust and our peace of mind.

Loving is fun, safe and easy.
Loving is the way to fly.
Loving begets more loving.
The world is better for our having loved.
Let us love everyone as much as they are willing to receive.
And when encouraged to love more by those little ones who want us to open
our hearts wide, why not give it all?

Loving is just plain Good for the soul!!
Betty Lue