Friday, September 26, 2003

Mistakes Can Be Healing 

I make mistakes.  I learn from them.
I make mistakes.  I forgive them.  
I make mistakes.  I enjoy them.  
I make mistakes.  I heal with them.

Sometimes at 4 or 5AM I press the send button before I have made sure the list is BCC, meaning no one can see who I am sending to.  ( I now send to five or six lists each morning.) Some of you have been concerned, scared and angry, because you do not want the world to get your email address.  I totally apologize and appreciate your concerns and truly do my best.!
But I sometimes make mistakes when I am bleary eyed at that early hour or in a hurry to leave for Gia's house, a 30 minute drive from my home, when her Papa leaves for work.  

When I try too hard to do my life perfectly, I contract my energy and my love.  
When I feel guilty, because I have hurt or offended someone, I separate myself from Spirit.  
When I see myself as bad or wrong, I withhold my Love or quit sharing the gifts I am given.
When I judge your mistakes and take offense, I shut down my ability to be conscious and present.
Mostly I listen learn and immediately forgive myself.  Sometimes I am called to apologize and make ammends.

Mistakes are an opportunity to heal our past.  
Mistakes are a recreation of a past experience which upset or confused us.  
Mistakes are a place of needed healing.  When seen rightly, mistakes are a call to forgive.  
Mistakes are a place to practice looking for the blessing and the gift.
Mistakes are a chance to heal our fall  from grace, our separation from God and the Goodness we are.  
Mistakes are useful and valuable tools to return to Love.  
Our senses and human personality looks for what is right and what is wrong, what is good and bad,  better or worse.  

Choice seems to be the way we have control over our own destiny and self judgment.  
I choose to Love no matter what.  
I choose to trust All is well.  
I choose to learn from everything and everyone.  
I choose to be vigilant only for God, rather than mistakes.
I choose to listen, listen, listen within.  
I choose to know not who I am or why I am here,  except when I can hear loud and clear, that LOVE is my reason for being.
I am Love and so are You.  In this there is no mistake and not other choice.  
No matter what are the externals of our lives, no matter what the apparency, no matter how one behaves, we each and All are created by Love, as Love, for the purpose of Loving.  
Every relationship is a lesson in Love.
Every experience is an opportunity to remember.
Every choice is to celebrate the Love We Are and the Love We Share.  

I love you and You love me.  
We are truly One family.  
This is your gift to me and to Thee.

Learning together,  
Betty Lue