Friday, September 19, 2003

Our Healing Right  

Healing Is Our Right and Heritage

We came to heal ourselves and our world. As we do our healing work, we are transformed. As we do our healing work, we heal our perceptions of others. As we do our healing work, we see the world with new vision. Healing is our work, our birthright and our heritage. It is this for which we came and this for which we truly live in Spirit and in joy.

When we are doing the work of healing our minds, we find our inner joy. When we are doing the work of forgiving, trusting, appreciating, creating, joining, enjoying and pleasing the Goodness in us, we find that we are changed within. When we are transformed in this profound way by healing and changing our minds, we perceive our place in the world and our relationship with others in a new way.

Rather than seeing ourselves as separate and alone, we see ourselves as unified and all One. We recognize the interrelationship with all life. We know there are both material and subtle energies. We acknowledge the observable and the mysterious, the unseen. We own and embody the power of our thoughts, as well as our words and our activities. We see ourselves both as teachers and learners with this universe. We acknowledge that we are creating our experience through the filters of our beliefs, judgments and our conscious choice. We see ourselves as co-creators with the consciousness of intention, attention and choice.

This is a powerful time. Those of us who are awakening to our own conscious responsibility to the planet are among the few who are participating in the evolution of all life. We know we are choosing for the Good of the Whole.

This is the time. We are the ones.
Let it be given to the highest Good for all.
The blessings already are. They are encoded deep within each one of us. Find your way as you listen within to the calling of your heart.

Betty Lue