Friday, September 05, 2003

Rest is Healing 

Taking a break from everyday activities is healing.  
Remembering to renew in mind, body and Spirit is a key to whole life health.

Rest comes from remembering to love.  When we are in worry, doubt, anger, pain or fear, we cannot rest.  
Forgiveness of all things, situations and relationships will erase the gray clouds of misunderstanding, conflict, confusion and stress.  To rest is to release all that interferes with total and complete peace.  
When you are called to rest, answer with a choice to relax, release and let go.  
Lay aside the urgency and complexity of life.  Be at home within your own sanctuary of peace.
If you have no resting place, create one today, whether the bedroom, sitting in your car in a park, on the golf course, a beautiful place in your yard or even in a imaginary place of peace in your mind.

Peace of mind generates healing.  
Peace of mind extends peace to others.
Peace of mind opens to divine inspiration.  
Peace of mind is creative and expansive.  
Peace of mind invites flow of energy.  
Peace of mind offers happiness and ease.  

Rest in Love and insure your rest by loving.  
Love is the answer.  
Betty Lue