Thursday, September 25, 2003

Special Assignments are Healing! 

Yesterday I was called to visit someone whom I had not met.  She is a beautiful soul, 90 years young, bed-ridden and totally dependent on the hospice program, the help of neighbors and a few hours from care-givers and home health workers each day.  She is alone and dependent on God much of her day and prefers the solitude.  She only see sshadows and cannot read or see faces.  Her limited hearing causes her to mis-hear often on the phone and in some conversation.  She has asked me to teach her to meditate again. She wants to be of help and of value to others. What she really wants is to strengthen her relationship with God, what she calls “My All in All.”  What she seeks to know is that she can rest in peace and know she is loved and valued for being.  What she really wants it to feel safe and healed and whole.  I join with her in remembering the Truth.

This gift of Love smiles brightly at me when we speak of Spirit.  She hears my words crystal clear.  We hold hands, as though we were lovers who might not ever see one another again.  And when we talk, we listen and ponder quietly what the other has said.  She has no one to talk to of the things of Spirit, of forgiveness and making her transition.  With our first meditation and prayer she heard clearly she was to look at the past and see it differently.  

What a Joy!  Thank you, Spirit, for the beginning of a soulful,  conscious,  healing and deeply loving relationship.  
Falling in Love is this!  
Just this makes life worthwhile.  
Just this is why I have come.  
Just this is enough.
Just this is the way home.  
While this relationship seems special in the telling.  This One is the representative of every One I speak to, everyone I counsel and coach, everyone I think of and who thinks of me.  

EveryOne is the Holy One, the Beloved.  Love each One as though they are the only One, for in that moment, there is no other.  
Loving You as the Holy One you are,  Betty Lue

This week we begin our weekly Celebration of Spirit from 7-8PM on Fridays at Reunion Center in Pleasant Hill.
Tuning In, a time of Inner Listening, will be offered in the hour  after the gathering.  Plan on joining us.  
No cost to you except remembering the Love You Are.  Contributions received with gratitude.

We will be travelling to Kalamazoo, MI 10/9, to Dyer, In 10/12 and to Asheville, NC and Lincolnton, NC 10/14.  
Home again on 10/20.  We are in our Pleasant Hill office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and some Sundays.
Yes, we are in Petaluma with our granddaughter every morning M-F, usually from 4:45AM until 9AM.