Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Storms Can Heal 

This morning we had a powerful thunder and lightening storm here in Northern California…very unusual for any rain from May to October, let alone to have thunder and lightening accompany its coming.  Weather often surprises us.

Surprises can frighten or delight.  Unexpected events can confuse us or wake us up.  Eruptions can be seen as release of pent up energy or destructive outbursts.  How we perceive and translate the surprising event determines how we respond.  If we believe all things work together for Good, we will look for the intrinsic Good.  If we believe that we must defend against the unexpected, we will fear, avoid and protect ourselves.

Storms delight me.  I watch the sky.  I count to see how far away the lightening has struck.  I enjoy the novelty.  I appreciate the sounds, sights and smells of a thunder storm.  While I do not fully understand the scientific explanation, I fully appreciate the beauty and power of nature.  The same is true with emotional storms…I rarely understand the underlying cause, but always appreciate the power and intention for release of withheld energy and the underlying desire for return to balance.  When we are holding back on our communication, withholding expressions of love, not expressing our creativity, doubting our own value, there is a build up of life energy, which seeks to flow to be released.  When the dam is closed, life energy is withheld and we are frustrated.  The release is often powerful, confusing, and even frightening to both observer and participants.  The work is to let our storms of anger be wakeup calls.  They remind us not to withhold what is calling to be expressed.  They remind us to release our self condemnation.  They teach us to let go and let love flow.  They open the possibility that we all can choose to be free and naturally expressive.

Storms are healthy reminders of what needs to be expressed in you and in me.

Loving you mightily,
Betty Lue