Monday, September 08, 2003

What Is Healing For You? 

Does it make your heart sing?
Does it bring peace to your mind?
Does it open you to forgive the past?
Does it allow your to feel free?
Does it energize your body?
Does it increase your creative Spirit?
Does it encourage you to share with others?
Does it expand your willingness to love?
Does it promote positive feelings?
Does it support you loving you?
Does it add value to your everyday life?
Does it connect you with a Higher Power?
Does it fill you with appreciation and gratitude?

Everything in life could be a healing ingredient in your daily meal.  
You choose the ingredients which add up to a healing supper.  
You choose to live in a place  which adds life to your years.  
You choose to respond to others in ways which invite inner peace.  
You choose to express thoughts and feelings which bless you.  
You choose to spend your energy on what has heart and meaning for you.  
You choose to allow your heartfelt passion to lead your decisions.

Your choices can be healing or destructive.
You are the chooser.  
Choose wisely and well.

Loving you to wholeness,
Betty Lue