Wednesday, September 17, 2003

What Leads Your Life? 

The loudest voice, the greatest pleasure, the current Love, the most popular fad, all call to lead our lives.
We can easily conform to the mass consciousness and allow what is currently in vogue to be our predominant thought and activity. It is common to let the squeaky wheel or current problem consume our thinking. We may allow the person in our family who is most vocal or emotional to govern our choices. We may prefer to admire someone and copy their life choices or defer to their leadership.

Who is author of your life? Who is the authority? How do you make your choices? What is of value to you? How do you prefer to live? What are you allowing to lead your mind, your words and your activities? When in doubt where do you go for clarity? Do you choose to listen to the highest voice or the loudest voice?

When you are true to your own values and priorities, you will be at pace and happy with yourself. When you are at peace and content, you can heal yourself. Principle-centered choices or values-centered living will be a clear message for those around you to listen to their own inner calling. Often we conform to the majority in order to keep the peace. Often we defer to the strongest voice or most popular one, rather than honor the Truth within.

Be clear about what is most important to you.
Is it peace within yourself or conformity with others?
Is it caring for your families needs or inspiring other’s to live their potential? Is it waiting for others to choose or listening within and choosing first? Is it honoring what society believes and honoring what is true in your heart?

Recognizing the Good that is Author of my life,

Betty Lue