Thursday, October 02, 2003

Dreaming the Dream 

Have you ever made up that someone or something is the way we wish it would be?
Have you imagined that life is as bad as you fear?  
Have you dreamed about the end of the world or bad things that could happen?  
Have you fantasized about life being different?  
Have you ever hoped or expected a better or worse outcome?

We are all living in a dream.  Some would call it a trance.  
Our perception of our lives is filled with our judgments, expectation, and beliefs creating an illusion of the worst and the best.  We then seek agreement with those we associate that what we see and believe is true. We tend to have friends and go to authorities who will confirm our suspicions or observations.  Because we so believe in the dream of our life and see it as real and happening to us rather than through us, we get stuck in our experience.

As we request spiritual help, we begin watching the darkness melt away.  
As we forgive our bad dreams, we allow the light to show us the unlimited opportunities.  
As we join with others who are free, we begin to trust in higher possibilities.  
As we believe that we may have deluded ourselves, we invite in the reality of Love.  
Letting go of our mistaken perceptions requires a willingness to see things differently.  
Releasing the dreams of our past and hopes  for our future opens the door for light within our minds and love within our hearts.   

To relinquish the dream is to let go of the dream we are dreaming and the mistakes we believe in and the pain we have suffered and the illness we have had and the relationships we have lost and the money we have squandered and the creations we have destroyed and the sorrow we have accumulated and all that is not Real.  

There is a great and Grand Undoing happening within us all right now.  
Gently lay aside everything and what will last is what is Real.
Dare to let go and Dream a Happy Dream.

Betty Lue