Friday, October 10, 2003

Good morning to You,
Good morning to You.
We’re all in our places
With sunshiny faces.
Oh! This is the way
To start a new day.

How do you begin again?
Or are you always just keeping up with what you began long ago? Or are you dreading what you know is going to happen because it did yesterday?

Are your relationships fresh and new? Is your house a beautiful new space for you to enjoy? Is your own reflection in the mirror a new delight for you each day? How would you feel if you really could begin each day with the innocence and wonder and joy of a child exploring the new world for the first time? Our joy comes from living each moment as a new experience filled with love and gratitude. It is our attitude that is the best predictor of our experience. When we hold an open mind and a loving heart and a willing perception, we will see and be filled with the miracle of life. For each moment is unfolding before us as an expression of what we bring into the moment. Seen through the filters of the past, we will see the past repeating itself. Seen through the eyes of a loving Presence, we will see only Love and the call for Love. Life is a joy because we choose to bring Joy into our lives.

I am open and willing to bring my love and gratitude to everyone today. I am open and willing to bring my wonder and delight to the events of today. I am open and willing to allow the Spirit of All That Is Good and Holy within me lead me in what I say
And think and do. This will be a Good Day, because it is the day that Good has made. I will be happy and totally enjoy it. And so it is what I have chosen.

Loving each New Day,
Betty Lue