Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Healing Abandonment 

Afraid of being abandoned or left?

Are we ever really abandoned or left?  
Or have we abandoned the Source of our True Connection?  
When someone dies, or moves, or divorces, or leaves us, do we leave them?  
When we feel hurt and scared, do we withhold our love?  
When we feel abandoned or rejected, do we stop loving in order to avoid the hurt and sorrow?  
When a loved one dies, do we imagine a curtain being pulled to separate us from their loving Presence?  
Perhaps we feel guilt that we have not loved and supported the other with our very best.
Perhaps we focus on the loss rather than on the fullness of that relationship.  .
Perhaps we jump to negative conclusions and assume that we weren’t “good enough” or “everyone I love always leaves me”.   Perhaps we get angry and push the relationship away instead of sharing our loving feelings.  
Perhaps we don’t admit that we ourselves want to be free, to change our place or our job or our relationship.  

Is it possible that when we abandon ourselves and abandon God, we have begun the fear of abandonment?  
Until we forgive ourselves for withholding our Love and full Presence from anyone, we will recreate the experience of leaving or being left again and again.
Until we fully recognize that we can choose how we continue every relationship beyond the illusion of time and space.  

We can know that our Love is unending no matter what the circumstances.  No one and nothing can separate us.  
No one and nothing can cause us feelings of harm or abandonment.  When we have forgiven our story of being left, being hurt and being helpless, we will take responsibility for choosing to love no matter what.  

No matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, no matter who I am with or where I live, I am always loving you.
Betty Lue