Saturday, October 04, 2003

Healing through Crisis 

When someone asks us for help with money, food or support,  how can we respond honestly, being truly helpful?

There are churches and other organizations that have food banks.
You can call community crisis lines and non-profits to ask for resources available.  
There is assistance for people in difficult circumstances.
Use your phone to research and get acquainted with the resources available.  
The person in crisis may not have the time or energy to do the work themselves.  
Call consumer credit counseling and ask for their financial guidance.  
Creditors work with people when given the right information.  
Mostly the person in crisis needs to know they are not alone.  
In indigenous or natural cultures, when one individual is sick or in trouble, everyone responds. When one cell in the body is out of balance and in crisis,  it effects the rest of the body.  The responsibility of the whole community is to take care of the health and well-being of everyone to bring the whole bsck into balance.  Our planet is calling for our attention. Many peoples have need of our education, inspiration, conscious attention and respectful support.  (To criticize is to place in crisis.) To forgive ourselves and one another is to respond effectively with Love and positive intention.

When anyone is fearful and needy, they first need to know they are not alone.
Listening requires only our time.  

The real work is what follows:
Listen and affirm.
Listen and have faith.  
Listen and offer hope.  
Listen and do what you can without sacrifice.  
Listen and be a friend, not a parent or judge.  
Listen and believe in them.  
Listen and trust God.  
Listen and be there.  
Listen and gather resources.  
Listen and learn.  
Listen and forgive.
Listen and LOVE profoundly.  
Listen and forgive yourself.  
Listen within and respond.  
Listen and give without sacrifice.
Listen and see the wholeness and goodness.
Listen and ask what would be most helpful.
Listen and speak with respect and dignity.
Listen within and respond with Joy.

All we give is given to ourselves.
Giving with Joy,
Betty Lue