Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Letting Go and Receiving All! 

The Autumn paradox feels uncomfortable for many, mysterious for some and inspiring for a few.  As nature shows us, there is need to harvest the plenty which we have sown and grown with our consciousness, our focus, our appreciation.  Often our real work is in getting out of the way to let all that is Good and Holy become all that it is meant to be. In our lives.  Yes!  Life is as much about undoing the barriers and steeping back and allowing healing and growth and abundance to happen, as it appears to be effort and commitment and persistence and activity.  

Conceive, Believe, and Achieve.  
A requirement for harvest is letting go of our resistance to being prosperous, to recognizing the Source, to gathering in our support, to looking toward our real wealth, to being happy and sharing with others, to releasing our “poverty consciousness’.  Most people in our culture seem to look to what we don’t have and want to have, rather than spending our energy on fully appreciating what we do have and are happy to share with others.  
The more you give, the more you have.  
The more you share and support others, the more you feel supported and given to.
Share the good news in your life and you will find more good news to share.  
Share the bad news and it will attract more bad  news from yourself or others.

In its essence, life is never about “getting” or needing or wanting.  
Life at it fullest has always been about valuing, enjoying, celebrating, sharing, appreciating, contributing and serving.  
When we find ourselves looking down at how awful, we can change our gaze to look up and be grateful.  

Yes, it is that simple.  
Do you look up or look down?  
Do you consciously seek to get or to give?
Do you complain or appreciate?
Do you share what you have or try to get?
Are you satisfied and trusting or discontent?
Would you rather whine or give thanks?
Do you know what is enough?
Are you willing to see how blessed you are?
Would you rather hope or be disappointed?

You are enough.  You have enough.  There is enough.  
When we throw away what we have been given through misuse or discontent, we will slow the flow to a trickle.  
When we appreciate and celebrate, have faith, hope and love we will always receive enough to share.

If you find there is limitation in your life, check your consciousness.  
You can find and eliminate the blocks to all that is Good and Holy.

Loving you with profound  gratitude,
Betty Lue

The real riches are eternal.  
They never fade or diminish.

I will be teaching and sharing, listening and coaching, facilitating and counseling in Michigan, Indiana and North Carolina for the next 12  days .  You can find my daily loving reminders posted on my web site at
I look forward to our time together with Spirit everyday.  We are a circle of love.  I respect, honor and support us all  in  listening to spirit as we lead our daily lives.  there is nothing more sacred, effective and powerful.  
Loving you, Betty Lue