Monday, October 20, 2003

Traveling to Awaken 

Traveling always puts one’s life in perspective.
As we let go of our daily life, we have the opportunity to experience any attachments and fears. As we step into the unknown of travel with nothing planned, except perhaps scheduled time with friends, we experience unlimited possibilities and the curiosity of what will be. As we re-enter old relationships with friends and family, we can expect changes and delight in the reconnection.

How we respect and respond is our choice.
How we respect and respond determines the outcome.
How we respect and respond creates our experience.
How we respect what is and respond to what comes our way offers us fulfillment and joy or concern and anxiety depending on our receptivity or resistance.

I am grateful for the ways and means to travel.
I am grateful for my spirit of adventure.
I am grateful to delight in the unknown.
I am grateful to be Spirit-guided.
I am grateful to choose well.
I am grateful for my respect for All That Is.
I am grateful to trust in Divine Outcome.
I am grateful for my ability to respond with Love.
I am grateful to know the Love in me.
I am grateful to be Joy-filled and at Peace.
I am grateful to be in this world at this time.
I am grateful to be calling for You to awaken.
I am grateful to offer these Loving Reminders that I might always remind myself of the Love We Are.
I am so grateful we are awakening in Joy together.

Loving You,
Betty Lue