Sunday, October 05, 2003

True Community Helps 

What is missing from our lives?  
A sense of belonging and security, being good neighbors, knowing we are not alone  may be part of the answers  When looking at the modernization of our society, I see the weakening and loss of small towns, church communities, farming cooperatives and volunteerism.  Yes, I still see how we gather in times of crisis and tragedy.  Humanity seems to reach out with help when there is war, death, suffering, weather disasters, but so often we live in isolation comfortable in our chosen separation.  Watching TV seems to take care of many human needs on an impersonal level.  We often leave our sick, elderly, grieving and depressed people alone to fend for themselves.  

Indigenous peoples believe that every person within the community is valuable for the whole life health and well-being of the entire village.  These peoples take responsibility for each and everyone, as they would care for their own family members and themselves, because they are aware that ever part of the whole effects the whole.  

We have created a society which encourages independence rather than interdependence.  We promote self-sufficiency rather that contributing to the Good of the whole.  We have so feared co-dependence  that we have forgotten our natural interdependence.  The earth is showing lack of health due to our selfish and unconscious consumption of her resources.  Everyone needs to have their own everything, so we no longer borrow or share with one another.  Extended families no longer live nearby to help with childcare or care of the elderly.   

Within community all pitch in to help care for those in need.  We honor each one as important to the well-being of the whole.  We see no one’s needs as separate from our own.  We need not look across the ocean or in another country, because there is enough to care for within our own  neighborhood and family.  

Ask yourself , “What can I do today to reach out to someone with love.  What can I do today that will make my world a better place?  What can I do today that will help me know I am enough, and I have plenty to share?  What can I do today that will ensure someone will reach out to me if I ever have need?”

Reach out with love.  
Build community right where you are.  
Call people by name.  
Appreciate everyone.
Give a helping hand and an encouraging word.
Genuinely listen and care.

Loving you,  
Betty Lue