Friday, December 05, 2003

Everyone Is Your Teacher 

Today is the birthday of a special young woman who came into my life 27 years ago. She brought with her the fears of the world. She carried in her being the confusion of the emerging adult, the anger of the wounded, the quiet of the ashamed, the joy of the innocent and the suspicion of a deer mortally injured and crying silently for help. She brought with her the problems, terror and desperation of the walking wounded. There are many today whom we see on the streets in our schools and hospitals and many more behind closed doors suppressed by medication, alcohol and other restraints. They too need someone to listen, someone to hear, someone to respond and reach out with love. They are our teachers. They are messengers calling us to remember to Love.

This young woman changed my life forever. As I recall how she touched my life, I weep. Tears of sorrow, joy and profound gratitude come to me. She is a hero to me, for she and I walked together courageously through difficult times as therapist and client, fearless friend with fearful friend, community server and helper, two children seeking to find a better way. We were together in the search to find Peace and Joy and Love within. We succeeded because we both committed to a healed and healthy relationship with ourselves and with each other.
I learned more from her than I can express in words. Only my heart knows how deeply she touched me in her pain, in her need and in her call for help. I reached out to respond to a phone call from a stranger, someone who had no means of support, someone who cried out for unconditional love. I reached out in faith and was given the most precious gift of all, the rewards of loving…unconditionally loving…. in a smile, a butterfly, a daisy…. in the rainbow or sunbeam or cautious the celebration of each step in confidence.

I am encouraging all of us to reach out to those we see, those we think of, those whom we know are hungry. not just for food, but for the human touch, a smile and affirming words. Reach out and love. Reach out and remember the Love You Are, as you remind the other of the Love within them. Everyone is gift.

Yes, you, my dear friend, shall always be my Loving Reminder.
Loving you,
Betty Lue