Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Impeccable Self Care 

To care for One Self Impeccably, there must be love and respect for our whole being.
Where we judge, we criticize, neglect, negate, abuse and accuse.
The work is to see accurately and to listen to the way we now treat ourselves.
Wherever there is an area of lack, littleness or limitation, we must acknowledge or confess.
Wherever we have self-denying and defeating programming from childhood, we must bring it all into the light.
It is in the light of awareness that we can forgive, release and erase what no longer serve our highest Good.
We were each created as Love by Love for the purpose of Loving.
Wherever we believe otherwise, we must confess, forgive, heal and transform.

How does this process of Self Healing look.
It can look like journaling, therapy, prayer, daily self care, introspection and reflection, living our lives happy and free, caring for another impeccably, affirming daily with prayer treatment or written affirmation.
When we are living with impeccable self care, any small upset is a sign we have forgotten to live on purpose.
We have forsaken following the path of our heart with deep love and appreciation for who we are.
When we are caring for ourselves impeccably we lead a balanced life, honoring mind, body and Spirit.
When we are truly honoring ourselves, we feel loved and loving no matter what.
When we are fully appreciating ourselves, we are whole, happy and free.

Let Love and Joy lead, for they are honest caretakers of our precious gift of live.
Love and Joy lead us to fulfillment, abundance and meaningful relationships.
Love and Joy lead us to care for our body vehicle, our home environment, our families and friends.
Love and Joy lead us to be constantly learning from everyone and everything.
Love and Joy support our trust, our honesty, our generosity, our patience.
Love and Joy lead us to let go of defenses and secrets, to release resentments and guilt.
Love and Joy lead us to honor the Voice within and to follow the song in our heart.
Love and Joy lead us to love ourselves no matter what and to love others as well.

Impeccable Self Care is our right and responsibility.
It gives an example for others to see.
It supports us in the stresses of life.
It keeps our minds from confusion and our bodies from strife.
Begin today to care for You.
This is your life. Cherish it,
Betty Lue