Monday, December 01, 2003

Never Too Busy for You 

If you call me, I will be there.
If you need me, I will be there.
If you seek creative solutions, I will be there.
If you are wanting me to listen, I will be there.

Never assume those who love you will not be there for you.
Yes, I am busy.
Yes, I have moved my office. (It took one day only to move and set it up.)
Yes, we just finished and mailed the Holiday Newsletter and 2004 schedule.
Yes, I am moving our home on the 10-11th. (We will be set up with pictures hung by Dec. 15.)
Yes, I serve many people in many ways.
Yes, I am “on call for God.”
Yes, I am “on call for Goodness sake.”
Yes, I am creating new expanded ways to serve with holistic partnerships.
Yes, I am active in cleaning my home, preparing meals, caring for Gia and more.

And there is always time for you.
I never say “Darn, Why did they have to call now?”
I never feel frustrated or overwhelmed or demanded of, when someone asks for help.
I have given my life to God and to Good.
I have given my life that we all might have life more abundantly and more joyfully.
This is my purpose, my function and my life.

You are important. You are important to God, to me and to our global family.
You matter. Your health, happiness and purposeful living matter.
I receive and send these Loving Reminders for You.
I have an office and partners in wellness for you and me and All..
I take workshops and am always learning for you and me and All.
Remember You and I are in this life together.
You are part of my global family.
I am here to be with You.
So let me know whenever you have a need.

I will be honest about when I can be truly present with you.
I will trust that together with God there is nothing we cannot do.
I will take impeccable care of myself to the degree I am aware.
I will love you and me and all of us, through it all.

Never too busy for You,
Betty Lue