Sunday, January 04, 2004

Giving or Getting 

Are you here to get what you want?
The ego always wants more.
For our fear-based personality, there is never enough.

Are you here to give what you have?
Our Spirit is always full, abundant and fulfilled in giving.
Our spiritual essence is overflowing with love and joy to share.

You have two voices within you.
One is learned from the consciousness of our world.
The other is the voice of Truth, the Voice of God.
One teaches us fear and speaks of our lack, littleness and limitation.
The other shows us Love and the abundance, magnificence and limitlessness of Spirit within.

When we recognize our inner Essence, we are focused on caring and sharing what is good and beautiful and Holy. We give for the joy and fulfillment of giving. Having rests on giving.

When we believe in our ego, our personality and our human limits, we seek for more and strive to get more. We give to get.

Life is for giving. Find the gifts within you and give them freely.
You recognize the spiritual gifts you have and the gift you are as you GIVE.

Giving all to all,
Betty Lue

Make 2004 a year to give more.