Friday, January 02, 2004

Peace on Earth Goodwill to All 

How does peace begin?
It begins within the hearts of everyone.
Peace is extended through kindness.
Peace is shared as we have peace within our own minds.
Where anyone has prejudice, malice, hatred and fear, there is unpeace and a call for peace.
Forgiveness heals wounds of the past.
Forgiveness clears our history to return our minds to the peace of God.
Peace is practiced one day at a day and one relationship at a time.

When standing in line, extend peace.
When listening to an argument, extend peace.
When hearing a baby cry., give soothing peace.
When watching some violent act, offer peace.
When hearing about a conflict, give peace.
When noticing someone’s pain, offer peace.

Peace is a silent prayer.
Peace is a gentle touch.
Peace is a soothing song.
Peace is a kind word.
Peace is a gift freely given.
Peace is offering to help.
Peace is a smile for a stranger.
Peace is trusting in God.
Peace is an appreciation of beauty.
Peace is feeling respect for ourselves and others.

Let peace begin with me…and You.
Betty Lue