Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Teacher and Learner 

Everyone is our teacher. We all have something to learn from ourselves and from others.
Everyone is our student. We all have something to teach for ourselves and for others.
Our choice is what we would teach and what we would learn.
Where we place our attention and focus teaches.
Where we give agreement teaches.
Where we are silent and where we speak up teaches.
Where we reach out and help teaches.
Where we give appreciation and criticism teaches.
Our choice is what we would learn as we teach.

We can learn the lessons the world…math, science, literature.
We can learn the lessons of spirit….faith, hope and love.
We can learn the lessons of our peers….comparison, competition, and being better than.
We can learn the lesson s of the sages….compassion, generosity and cooperation.
We can learn how to make more, have more and spend more money.
We can learn how to be more, give more and live more of the Love we are.

Life is really all about becoming conscious of the choices we make.
Life insists that we see where we are expending our energy by giving us a clear reflection.
Life is our ultimate teacher as she offers us the opportunity to view our choices made obvious.

Everything you think, say and do teaches both you and others.
Choose what you want to learn more, have more, be more and live more.

I want a loving world, so I choose Loving reminders in everyone and everything.
Ask yourself what you want to learn, to have, to be, and to live.
Teach what you value. Learn what you value. Live what you value.

Your world will be healed and transformed.

Happy New Beginning. This moment is precious. Live it fully conscious.
Betty Lue