Wednesday, January 07, 2004

What does it mean to Love? 

I “love” You.
I “love” God.
I Love the I Am.
I love the One We Are together.
I love receiving and sharing these loving reminders.

When we “Love”, we receive in the “loving”.
When we “Love” we receive in the sharing of our Love.

Love is freely being who I Am and giving the gift of my Soul Self.
Love is the joy of authentically sharing the fullness in my heart.
Love is the songs I sing to you without self consciousness or afterthought.
Love is the freedom to fully be me without embarrassment or self judgment.
Love is knowing I am enough.
Love is joining with you in prayer, in vision, in purpose.
Love is honoring who you are and where you are without asking you to be somewhere else.
Love is supporting and encouraging you to grow in your own pace and timing.
Love is never needing to say “I am sorry” because the intention for Goodness is so clear.
Love is the peace that passes understanding, as I have total faith in the Presence of God in you.

Only when I am limiting my loving, do I withhold the fullness of my Self.
Only when I fear being hurt, do I be cautious in letting Love flow.
Only when I resist losing my separate Self, do I measure my giving to you.
Only when I seek filling my own cup, do I feel guilt and unworthy.
Only when I know I am called by duty or obligation, do I resent freely giving.

I am open and willing to Love.
I am free and happy when I am loving.
I feel at peace and more empowered when I give my Love freely.
I trust myself and my world when I am on purpose and in Love.

Have no doubt,
I am loving you.
Betty Lue