Thursday, March 04, 2004

Are You Loving You? 

You are the Gift of God.
In all the Universe there is no one who can take your place.
You are an integral piece of the Whole cosmos.
You are needed.
You are wanted.
You are valued.
Fully being You is the piece (peace) of God you are here to be.
Without you we are incomplete.

No matter what you have heard of felt from your family of origin, your teachers or even from you ego’s voice, you are more important than you know.
Only when you fully love and appreciate your worth can you fully give and be the gift you are.
To find this gift you must commit to cherish it.
To know you worth you must agree to honor it.
To live this gift you must choose to love it.
Without end…….

If you saw yourself as your Creator sees you, you would weep with the exquisite beauty in you.
You would be overjoyed with the awesome goodness in you.
You would marvel at the infinite creativity and possibilities in you.
You would laugh at the amazing adventures you have chosen for you.
You would be mystified by your lack of value you place on your own life.
You would encourage the impeccable nurturance and profound love for you.

You are the most precious gift of God you could possibly imagine.
Awesome and infinite, bountiful and beautiful, precious and sensitive……
Take care of you.
You are God’s most precious Gift to You.

Loving you,
Betty Lue