Monday, March 01, 2004

Love Invites the Call For Love 

People often bring their worst behavior to those who are loving and forgiving.

If you ask why bad things happen to good people, you may be asking, “Why are good people called upon to forgive and love again?” These earth angels, or innocents, or giving people are often called to love more, to forgive and give more, to go beyond the ordinary and be truly extraordinary.

As I have learned to love without condition, to love without judgment, to love and not criticize, I have been given opportunities to challenge my choice, to strengthen my commitment and to demonstrate that Love heals.
Love works every time without fail.

There is only Love and the call for Love. Among humanity there is an apparent need for the remembrance of what is True and what is loving. I am here to remember and not forget and so are you.

If each one of us will choose to remember to love, we can change our world.
Only Love begets Love.
Fear begets fear.
Love heals.
Love forgives.
Love washes away the “sins” of the world.
Love erases all errors so we can choose again.
Love can make new again.
Love is the redeemer.
Love is the only power.
Love shines away darkness.
Love opens doors of possibility.
Love is endless giving and forgiving.
Love is abundant life.

I am calling for you.
I am calling be True.
I am calling You to be the Love You Are.

When we Love enough, we know the Peace and Power and Presence of God.
Betty Lue

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