Tuesday, March 09, 2004

What We Believe We Perceive and Achieve 

When we believe in lack, we see it.
When we believe in lack, we generate it.
When we believe in lack, we make sure we are right about our belief in lack.
The more we complain, worry and struggle with our lack, the more we make our lives a struggle.
When we believe in our limitations, we see how limited we are.
The more we talk about our limitations, the more we convince ourselves and others of how limited we are.
When we believe we are limited in what we can do, we are right…we are limited.
The more we grieve our loss, the more we believe we have lost.
The more we regret our past, the more we see to regret.
The more we suffer from what was, the more we fear what will be.
When I believe I am not enough, I convince myself and others I am not enough.
When I believe I do not have enough, I make sure I do not have enough.
When I believe I cannot get enough, I limit how much I have and how much I give.

I am only as limited, lacking and little as I believe I am

Our mind works to prove we are right about what we believe.
There is no one to convince and nothing to overcome.
There is only changing our mind and thus, changing our life.

Life at its best requires letting go of the needy self and supporting the giving Self in living abundantly and giving freely. Life, when we are needy and frightened is a balancing act between giving just enough to maintain our security needs and getting what we need to survive. Life, when we are fulfilled and happy, is a wondrous opportunity to share our abundant joy, creativity and love with everyone.

To have All, give All to All.

Wow! This is an awesome truth!
I am always willing to see and believe you and I are unlimited and free.
I know with God all things are possible.
I recognize that clearing our minds of limited and lacking and belittling thoughts is our responsibility.
I realize that I am creating my experience with my thoughts, words and deeds.
I now choose to create a beautiful, loving life with the abundance of joy and creative energy I have.
And so do You!
Betty Lue