Friday, March 05, 2004

When You are Stuck 

What do you need and want?
Opportunity to express your own thoughts and feelings…..
Connection with Spirit……..
Other perspectives…..
Creative solutions…..
To be seen and heard….
To be known and loved……
To be invited to heal……
To be seen whole and Holy….
To be given ideas and inspiration……

Therapists, counselors, psychics, doctors, healers, and friends are all different in approach and training.
Some are trained to listen deeply.
Some evaluate, diagnose and prescribe.
Some treat the symptoms.
Some look for your sickness and see what is wrong.
Some look for your strengths and see what is working.
Some encourage your own process and some provide you with new processes.
Some tell you what to do and some listen to what you are willing to do.
Some treat you like a patient and some treat you like a friend.
Some align with your highest Good and some see only your personality flaws.
Some give you inspiring information and some give what they have learned.
Some coach and mentor.
Some counsel and advise.
Some are focused on doing their job and getting paid.
Some are focused on being of help and treating your fairly.

People often call me for counseling and coaching after being disappointed or turned off by long term counseling/therapy.
Their counseling experience and the expense was not helpful or failed them.
Their unhappiness is healed almost immediately by a willingness to listen and help them clarify what they do want.
Everyone wants something unique.
The first step of any helpful relationship is to be joined in purpose and process.
Many times the clarification of what we do want is enough.
You need to choose what works for you.
Interview (ask for free time for your questions).
Seek out someone whom you can trust.
Choose someone who wants to be with you.
Do not be dissuaded by the cost. Find someone who treats you “fairly” financially.
You deserve to have the most respectful, loving presence with you, as you walk through this life adventure.
Give yourself the very best. Persist until you find what works for you.
Be not discouraged by healing relationships that are not what you want.
Your choice of counselor, advisor and friend is just as important as your choice of a mate.
Choose wisely and with a willingness to educate them in what you really want and need.

Loving you,
Betty Lue