Friday, April 09, 2004

Beginning Anew 

I am beginning again.
I am rebuilding my professional life and practice.
I have returned to a community in which I had a sterling reputation to start over.
I am finding my right place in a new living community.
I am recreating a new form of relationship with my life partner.
I am mentoring new professional partners in holistic inspiration, education and service.
I am starting over financially.
I am listening for my new assignments spiritually.
I am visioning the best ways to contribute to the Greater Good.

In just about everyway I am beginning again.
Life is a spiral that often returns to familiar territory but with new perspectives.
Often we seem to be in the same position but with new perspectives and expanded wisdom.
For it is true that life is an opportunity to explore, experiment and discover without any judgment.
We often grade ourselves and others on our performance, thus limiting the true value of the exploration.
If we simply enjoy the learning process, how much fuller would be the experience and the learning value.

If I evaluate myself and my life, thinking that there is an award to achieve, a mountain to climb, a prize to claim, or lasting riches to attain, I would judge myself, seeing my failures and mistakes, sins of both conscious and unconscious omission and commission. If I would look at myself and my life as exploring, experiencing and tasting of life, I would see the richness and diversity of my adventures, my willingness to risk, my courage in confronting obstacles, my letting go of other’s judgments and my freedom to fully be my self.

My life, beyond the apparency, is always fun, safe and easy.
My life, beneath any judgment is forever fun, safe and easy.
My life, without doubt and criticism, is certainly fun safe and easy.
Wow! What a wonderful adventure!
What a learning opportunity!
What an expansive creation!
What a rich potpourri of possibilities!

I am beginning again, because that is what “living” really is.

Renewing my Spirit,
Betty Lue