Saturday, April 10, 2004

Our Wedding Anniversary 

How did we meet? (I was asked last week.)
It was an arranged spiritual marriage of two souls committed to serve God and Good.

19 years ago, Robert and I came together by Divine appointment. My hair dresser/spiritual friend suggested I contact two financial consultants he knew. I declined saying ‘My finances were in the hands of Spirit.’ Within two weeks I heard in my inner listening, I was to contact these consultants. During that meeting Robert was silent allowing his partner to ask all the questions. The last question from Robert was, “Betty Lue, we have heard how you are caring for your family, spiritual center and associates. What is it that you need for yourself?” I heard Holy Spirit asking me the question personally. With tears I said, ”I want a spiritual partner to join me in following the Voice of God.” In that moment, everyone present, except me, was aware of the soulful connection and commitment that had been made. Robert was encouraged by his partner to volunteer at my counseling center to offer business consulting with my staff and making recommendations re: our overall structure of our community service programs. While he and I had no personal interaction, he began interviewing and observing our programs.

On April 10, 1985 I had a rare cancellation and brief opening in my full schedule. I was guided to invite Robert into my office. We sat down silently on the floor (totally unusual for me.) Spirit said through me to Robert, “Will you wed with me in Christ?” Robert said, “Yes.” There was no other conversation either before or after. The spiritual commitment was made in that moment. This was our true wedding. We continued without personal conversation or contact for several weeks, until my daily spiritual guidance made it clear that Robert was the spiritual partner I had requested. We began sharing with one another our inner guidance, our common spirit-guided path and were guided to begin a journey of friendship, partnership, growing in love and trust with one another over the next few weeks. While our joining was not understood by family and friends initially, our spiritual work together was always healing, transformative and welcomed.

The story is remarkable in that it truly was an “arranged wedding”. Neither of us were looking or interested in finding a mate or in a traditional marriage partnership. We have grow to totally love and honor, trust and respect one another. Our Union has been solely about listening and following Spirit’s guidance to serve humanity. We are truly ”On Call for God”.

Together we have lived in many homes, always open to those in need of healing, counsel and spiritual direction. We have founded community spiritual counseling/healing centers in five states. We have taught, counseled and facilitated healing with thousands of our global family. Serving everyone without regard to their ability to pay for services, we have lived with much income and no income, but never lacking in Spirit and faith. We have written many books, mentored many professional partnerships, trained and ordained 21 ministers, loved and served our families and our communities, wherever we have lived. We have lived with freedom, trusting our inner guidance, allowing our lives to be a joyful demonstration of faith and the miracles born in unconditional love.

While the journey has been eventful in every worldly way, our love and commitment is constant, enduring and without doubt or question. Our Union is truly about serving God. Therefore it can and will endure all things.

Thank you for asking.

Loving You and All as one.
Betty Lue