Thursday, June 10, 2004

Communication Is Key  

What do we communicate to ourselves?
What is communicated by how we think, how we interact and how we care for ourselves?
Do we smile at ourselves in the mirror?
Do we avoid making eye contact?
Do we appreciate the good job our whole body and mind does for us each day?
Do we honestly attend to our needs as they appear?
Do we listen to and acknowledge our feelings?
Are we reassuring and responsive to what is really important to us?
How can we expect others to treat us with respect and love, if we don’t love and respect ourselves?

How do we communicate with others?
Do we treat others with respect?
Do we make it safe for them to share honestly with us?
Are we really listening to what others say about their thoughts and feelings?
Are we open and honest in our communications without criticizing?
Are we appreciative of what others give to the best of their ability?
Do we really keep sacred quality time for those we love?
Do we smile and touch with kindness?
Are we giving in our relationships or needy and demanding?
Are we consistent in our responses rather than moody or changeable?
How can we teach others to treat us consciously with trust and respect when we offer others less than our best?

In everything we think and say and do, we are reminding ourselves and others how we want to love and be loved.
We can forgive ourselves for giving less than our best.
We can forgive ourselves for not knowing how to love and be loved.
We can look for role models and learn.
We can explore and experiment consciously with those who will support our healing and growth.
We can be courageous enough to admit that we are ignorant and want to learn.
We can each day give ourselves a little more attention, a little more respect, a little more support.

After all, this is life.
All of us are learning and growing in our willingness and ability to LOVE ourselves and all others.
Loving you,
Betty Lue