Monday, June 07, 2004


What is mental and physical dis-ease?

What I have come to believe may not be what you believe.
This does not make me right and you wrong.
This does not mean anything, except that right now… this is what I have come to believe.
I may change in this lifetime and I may not.
I do not make any of your beliefs wrong.
It is important to me that I not impose my beliefs on you.
I am giving you an opportunity to look at what is “True for you right now.
Many of us get stuck in a belief we learned from our ancestors or the “authorities” in our life.
Some of us believe what is popular or fits within our culture.
Some choose to believe what “science” tells us, perhaps science too is shaped by our beliefs.
If you are uncertain about what to believe, study, explore, experiment and listen for what resonates.
Also be open to entertain what seems antithetical to your current beliefs.
I never try to make others change their beliefs.
I am not here to argue or convince.
I am here to share when and as I am called from within.
If what I say offends you or hurts you, know that it is yours to let go, to forgive and heal.
If what I say is not “right for you, for Goodness sake, please let it go.

This is in response to someone who felt I may believe in mental illness as described in the DSM diagnostic manual for psychologists and psychiatrists. However, this email may also be for you who have different beliefs than I do.
Respect yourself. Your thoughts, feelings, choices and beliefs are yours to choose.
My work here is to respectfully awaken us all to look again, to listen within, to honor what is “true for us and let go of what is no longer healthy or valuable.

Dis-ease is lack of peace and lack of flow.
Where there is fear and judgment, there is constriction and a block in the flow of life-giving energy.
Where there is lack of flow, there is the absence of health and therefore di-sease.
I believe that our physiology is strengthened with love and forgiveness.
I believe our immune system is weakened with hate and fear and defensiveness.
I believe where we are afraid, our thoughts become distorted, clouded with confusion and assumptions.
What we believe we see.
What we expect, we look for.
We are responsible for our thoughts and our words and our actions.
When we believe in external cause, we relinquish our ability to respond, to choose again and change our minds and our behavior.
When we put fear into our own minds so that we cannot think clearly and react to what appears to be, we are confused and feel victimized.
In reactivity, there is limitation of response.
In fear, there is a lack of options, limitation of response and feeling weak and unable.

I use affirmations and forgiveness to remind myself of the power and presence within to change my mind, to clear the fear, to unblock the flow. I personally only choose outside help that affirms my ability to choose again and supports me in making the changes and choices which are truly healthy and highest and best for me.
As coach, counselor and friend, I provide the same for those who come to me for assistance and support. My beliefs come from my personal experimentation and observing others reports of their experiences.
I have studied, experimented and explored many options, as I seek what works.
I encourage you to do the same.

Betty Lue

When I experienced natural child birth in 1965, I was so excited I wanted to sell the world on what I believed was the best for mother and child. I quickly learned (within a few months) how ignorant I was to believe that this was the best way for everyone.
I continue to respect each individual’s right and responsibility to choose for themselves.

If you want to continue your own course of study for conscious healing and empowerment, read and study:
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Mastery by George Leonard
Illusions by Richard Bach
Dynamic Laws of Healing by Catherine Ponder