Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Meaning of Life 

What is the purpose of your life?
What are the themes of your life?
When you look at your history, what might be the reason for your being?
Are you here to learn how to survive?
Are you here to find a place to belong?
Are you here to create a happy song?
Are you here to heal your past history?
Are you here to help others be what they can be?
Are you here to learn to take responsibility for you?
Are you here to stop being dependent?
Are you here to discover God?
Are you here to perform miracles?
Are you here to learn about the mind and how it works?
Are you here to be physically fit?
Are you here to live as long as you can?
Are you here to leave a legacy?
Are you here to challenge yourself and see how much you can overcome?
Are you here to become a Holy Man?
Are you here to live simply and with loving kindness?
Are you here to protect the environment?
Are you here to join a group and have fellowship?
Are you here to be a rebel and renegade?
Are you here to reform wrongs done against some part of society?
Are you here to look for mistakes and correct them?
Are you here to love, teach and nurture children?
Are you here to just get through it all as fast and easy as you can?

What are the themes in your life?
Sometimes we take on the script we were assigned by our parents.
Sometimes we learn a new script that seems popular and acceptable in our culture.
Sometimes we are inspired or admire someone who shapes our life focus.
Sometimes we come to believe that a power greater than ourselves leads the way.
Sometimes we quit on what we came for judging we have failed and cannot do it anyway.

What you want for your own life journey will shape how you spend your time, energy and money.
What you believe your own life will govern what you think and say and do.
What you choose for your own life will give you a north star, a compass, to guide you.

I have chosen a life of inspiration and inspiring others through my thoughts and words and deeds.
I am committed to be truly helpful and seek ways to help each one who comes my way.
The ways of serving others are unique to each individual and so my learning has been diverse.
I am called to first to learn the language and the beliefs (the faith ) of each one.
I am called to listen beneath the words to the calling of the heart.
I am called to honor the life journey of each one as unique and integral to the whole of humanity.
I see all as equally valuable.
I see each one as precious and beloved.
I see each path as important to be explored.
I see us all as significant to the whole.

Betty Lue