Friday, June 04, 2004

Nutrition or Indigestion? 

I remember when I tried to feed people what I thought was best for them.
I remember when I thought I knew what was best.
I remember when I thought I was not judging.
I remember when I thought my thoughts were not judgments.
I remember when I believed I was trying to help and fix you for your own good.
I remember when I thought I knew.
I remember.

When we discover something wonderful, healing and freeing for ourselves, we want everyone to have a big helping. We believe we are loving them. “This is good for you, Dear.” If you love me, you will eat everything I have fixed for you.” When we go to an MD, a therapist, a consultant or counselor, we are paying for another’s expertise. We are asking for their help and more often their agreement. When they give us what we want, we take it and hope for a cure. When they give us what we don’t want, we may say “no thanks” and go find someone who gives us what we want to hear..
Remember when I have not asked for help, I may not want help.

I don’t try to feed people when they are not hungry.
I don’t try to teach people who are not willing to learn.
I don’t offer what is not requested.
I don’t go where I am not wanted.
I don’t give what is not gratefully received.

There may be a small group of people who are called into our lives to learn from us and with us.
There may be a few people who want to receive our gifts of life experience and worldly knowledge.
There may be some who seek our counsel and spiritual direction.

When you are called, ask for spiritual guidance to give what others can receive and digest.
(Every mother knows how frustrating it is to cook a big meal for those who don’t care or who will est what they want anyway.)

I love you and me as we see what works.
When we love, we want to give everything we have.
When we love, we can learn to trust others and free them to follow their own path to explore their own territory in their own time.
When we find someone in our territory seeking our wisdom, I simply share with respect.
Remember we can always teach others best by serving ourselves well.

Loving you and me,
Betty Lue