Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Spiritual Assignments 

Today I sat and asked Spirit, ”What are my assignments?”

To be healthy and happy everyday.
To love everyone in every way, as I am guided.
To know all I need is perfectly provided.
To care for each one who comes as a new babe.
To help everyone see how precious they are to Me.
To awaken the world with a happy song.
To enjoy everyday and what comes along.
To be strong in faith and fearless in expression.
To gather around me those who believe and build community together.
To forgive the errors in history, in myself and others.
]To be at peace with what is.
To know all is a playground for learning.
(See war and bullying as a path to learn how to join in the common good for all.
See Gossip and cruelty as learning how what we say comes back to bite us, so we may as well say what is good and helpful.
See all Negativity and depression as an opportunity to get stuck in muck or wash ourselves off to play in the sun.
See Disease and death as experiences of choosing peaceful release from our body when we graduate or fight to hang on because we fear the unknown of letting go.)
To honor my life journey with the courage of my values, the commitment to care deeply and the willingness to share freely.

I forgive myself for limiting myself in any way.
I forgive myself for withholding the spiritual gifts I am given from anyone.

I am free and trusting, willing to give all that is Good and Whole and True to All who would receive.
Loving you with what is True,
Betty Lue