Saturday, June 05, 2004

When We Love 

The more we notice how good life is, the “gooder” it gets.

Life is good and gets even better, when we love it.

Our friends are wonderful and become even more wonderful with our loving them.
Our partnerships are powerful and become even more potent, as we acknowledge them.
Our creativity is unlimited and we become ever more creative, as we appreciate it.
Our body’s are amazing and becomes even healthier, the more we enjoy them.
Our finances are good and get even more abundant, when we are grateful.
Our work is good and gets even more helpful, the more we appreciate it.
Our country is great and is enjoyed more fully, when we feel blessed to live here.
Our presence is healing and becomes ever more healing, as we value our intrinsic healing ability.

Our lives are our most creative project.
The more we affirm them, the more wondrous they become.
Our lives are our greatest contribution.
The more we value them, the more we contribute.
Our Presence is our most powerful asset.
The more we esteem our Being, the more magnificent we are.

Valuing the creativity and perfection of our whole lives,
Betty Lue