Thursday, July 01, 2004

Freedom Is Joy (for me) 

Can you imagine that for some freedom causes fear?
For those who are uncertain, structure and rules are security.
For others freedom is a joyous opportunity to create whatever is inspiring and beneficial.
The same experience can be perceived and judged and experienced so differently.

How do we know what is needed?

Love is defined according to our past experiences.
Love can be a full belly. (except when we are on a special diet.)
Love can be a gentle touch or warm hug.(except when we have negative experiences with touch.)
Love can be laughter and play. (except when we are feeling sad and separate.)
Love can be serious listening. (except when we don’t want to talk.)
Love can be sharing some adventuresome stories. (except when we are bored.)
Love can be special attention and appreciation. (except when it makes us embarrassed.)

Indeed Love is a natural gift from my heart to yours which responds to the need in the moment.
Joy is most easily shared when all parties are receptive and willing to be happy.
Peace is a gift for those who are ready to lay conflict to rest.
Freedom is especially valuable for those who know what to do without limitations.

When relating to anyone, we must respond to the inner call, our intuition. When wanting to be with another, we must ask what is wanted or listen within to what we hear to offer. When beginning each day, we must be ready to be present with the people and experiences that come our way. I do not know what anything is for. I do know that I have given my life for the Highest Good of All. I am willing to be an instrument of peace and joy and love. I am willing to be the space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness restored. I am willing to express what is given to me to share with no attachment for outcome. I am willing to listen within and share what comes without fear or guile.

I am willing to love you and the Presence of Love within me,
Betty Lue