Thursday, July 08, 2004

“No” or “Yes”? 

How do you know how to answer a request?
Am I too busy?
Do I know what to do?
Am I afraid to lose your love and approval?
Am I a nice guy who doesn’t know how to say “No”?
Do I believe people should do for themselves?
Do I believe we should always help one another?
How do I tell which is the most honest and loving response?

When making a decision, listen within.
When making a choice about how to respond, stop and observe.
Gather the facts and the true request being made.
Ask, “How can I give what is fair and honest?
How can I do what is beneficial for all and promotes good will?”

Spirit always guides us so that no one loses.
When we sacrifice or martyr ourselves, we are being unfair.
When we withhold or avoid giving, we are being untrue.
When we feel sorry for the other and give what we don’t have, we are cheating ourselves.
When we judge the other’s neediness, we are not honoring the inner call.

Many brothers and sisters on this planet are in need of education, inspiration, cooperation and community. To offer these precious gifts we must take responsibility, respect what is asked and contribute.
In our society, many do not understand how to assert their rights, how to access information, how to request the assistance they need. While there are many resources available, there is little understanding about how to access and utilize them with effectiveness. We assume they know because we know.

When people are turned away , there is a tendency to believe the denial of services and quit.
When we have the information, the resources and the support, we may be busy, preoccupied or unable to be of help.
How do I respond to every request with a spiritual answer?
How do I turn people away only if I am guided by offering other alternatives?
How do I listen to requests for help by asking myself, “Can I be of help and/or support?”

I am willing to listen within and follow as I am guided. When I do, I am at peace.
I trust in the responses I give, for they are respectful, responsible and encouraging.
I give as I would want given to me if I had need.
I say” No “ when there is a better possibility which I share.
I acknowledge when I have not cared well for myself so cannot give without doing harm.
I trust that what is best for me is best for others.
I am aware that what I give to another I am giving to myself.
I am loving us all with every conscious choice.
Betty Lue