Monday, July 05, 2004

Time To Speak Up 

Can friends disagree and still be friends?
Can people stay in love when they have different beliefs?
Can families tolerate values’ differences?
Do our differing choices cause us to judge one another?

When did we get the idea that by holding different viewpoints, we were somehow at war?
When did we learn that believing in different politics would cause us to hate or fear?
How did we get the idea that different religions and cultures were evil?
How did we make up that to be on two different sides we could n’t continue deeply caring about one another?

Is there a call for differing politics, differing religions, differing cultures and lifestyles?
I s there a purpose for debate and discussion, for airing our choices and convictions?
Is there a way we can agree to disagree?
Can we learn to respect and value those who don’t have the same viewpoint we do?
Can we separate the thoughts and feelings of those we love from the person themselves?
Are we ignorant because we see the world different than others?
Is the majority always right?
Is the voice that is loudest or most powerful the most honest and fair?

Politics and preferences reflect what we believe.
What we believe is learned from others, from life experience and from media.
What we believe is based on programming not on facts.
What we perceive is based on what we want to see.

I have noticed that at this time of greatest light, around Independence Day, strong thoughts and feelings are experienced and expressed.
It is my hope that we value the freedom to express more that we value what is expressed.
It is our freedoms that must be upheld.
It is the right to believe, the right to speak, the right to choose, the right to pursue happiness, the right to live and love in our own unique way that is inalienable to all..
It is the rights of everyone who live in this country that must prevail to be true to our heritage and constitution.

Freedom is a value that most who live in this country seek to uphold.
Let us give one another the freedom and trust we all deserve.
In freedom I trust.

With trust and freedom I love.
Betty Lue